3 Obvious Signs that you need a CRM

Have you ever heard someone saying: “Since I’ve implemented a CRM Software, my business is experiencing continuous growth!”? Probably yes, and that’s why you are here, wondering what this CRM is and how you can find out if you need one. 

An increasing number of businesses don’t succeed in maintaining an upward trend, and sometimes this sadly leads straight to bankruptcy. So you must do something in order to have your company’s profit rising. 

What’s happening? Where do the CEOs make mistakes? Well, in this article you will find out what you should change in your company. But first, let’s see what a CRM Software is and how it can impact your business! 

Let’s see some statistics!  

“CRM applications can increase revenue by up to 41% per sales representative.”

 Therefore, these aren’t just empty words, but proven facts! Businesses are really growing thanks to this CRM app! This already sounds amazing because your business can grow beautifully too! 

From our point of view, your relationship with the existing clients should be extremely good because they are like a gold mine for your business!

 “84%  of customers believe that the experience a company is offering is as important as its products and services.”  

So, you have to be careful how you treat clients, too, not just how you perfect your product or service!

When they are satisfied with how you treat them, most of the time, they will come back to buy your product.


Because, mostly, people act on feelings, and when they feel good, safe, and comfortable with a product or service, it all turns into a routine or comfort zone that they don’t want to change. 

What is a CRM Software? 

 A CRM is an abbreviation for “Customer Relationship Management”. More exactly, it’s a system that manages well your company’s interactions with your potential and existing clients.  

Both you and your team will quickly see improved results! 

You probably already know that commerce is more than just a simple exchange between the buyer and the seller. You have to manage thousands of connections with the one who buys your product, so that he will permanently be in contact with your brand.  

Because you don’t want to just sell. You want to keep your existing customers. You want them to continue to work with you and to buy your product or service.  

Managing your business and the problems that may appear is not an easy thing to do! On the contrary, time seems to not be by your side, because it’s limited. Both employees and customers need you- in different ways. 

For the most part, your employees need you when something comes up or when they simply need your opinion. Good organization is the key when you want to do everything as it should be done –  in an orderly and time-efficient manner!

A CRM software helps you by constantly collecting data of prospects or customers, by analyzing it and using the accumulated elements to improve relationships and business results.

This Software helps employees (who work with customers) or sales agents to always be ready to respond to customer needs and to be a reliable help in everything related to the services and products offered.

Now that you know what a CRM does…

What are these 3 Obvious Signs that you need this kind of software? 

  1. Once your salespeople leave your company, do you lose your existing clients and even your leads too (including database and details about them)?

If your answer is YES, then clearly you need a CRM app. One of the main benefits of choosing this software is that you can have a clear, highly detailed database of every company, customer, or lead you’ve interacted with.

That way, if a salesperson stops working for your company, the customer information they had will remain in the same place, in the database provided by this CRM software. Another employee will take over the customers and leads, and the clients will continue to be satisfied with the services and products you offer, because any problem will be solved in a timely manner.

  1. Do customers call for help with certain issues they encounter when using your product, and your employees don’t know where each customer’s data is, can’t find contact information, or other relevant things to help them resolve the issue?

Well, in this case, a CRM Software would make everything much easier and much faster.

First of all, as I mentioned before, it gives you a solid and complex database of your company’s customers or prospects.You can forget about Excel and a bunch of other tools that you might use – probably in vain, since you most likely can’t find the right ones when you need them, and end up mixing up documents.

Moreover, your field sales agents will also have clear and detailed information when they go to a business meeting with a customer or a lead. 

Secondly, a CRM helps a lot in organizing the team and not only that. Each employee creates a task that they write down in the application, which they will certainly not forget, thanks to the notifications they receive to remind them about their task. Colleagues can also associate tasks with each other that they can solve, either together or separately.

Thus, every employee knows clearly what to do. Customer information is very easy to access – which ensures the problems are solved on time and productivity increases in an obvious way.

  1. Lead or customer information is not updated when needed, and leads are not contacted (follow up) after the sale process is completed, because sometimes your employees forget to make this important step?

If the answer to this question is also a positive one, then we have no doubt! Clearly you need a CRM! Here’s why:

One of the most important steps after closing a sale is the well-known “follow up”! From time to time, as a salesperson, you should continue to contact customers by email or phone, and find out if they are satisfied with your product or service, what they think about it, and if it has brought them more value in their professional life. 

Customers should never forget that your sales agents are available whenever a question or problem arises. 

With a CRM Software, you simply set up tasks to be notified when you need to do something. That way, important tasks will never be forgotten. No one will forget to call or email customers when the time is right.

Successful strategies depend on precise, complex and complete customer profiles and on how effectively they can be used.

CRM - Meeting

So what does a CRM offer you?

There are a lot of benefits, and you will be able to convince yourself of this when you finally try it and see that it provides you with:

  • a centralized database (which includes the history of leads and customers, but also of the companies that the sales team will contact);
  • saved documents and conversations in the profile of each customer / prospect;
  • notifications that remind you when certain activities need closure (for example, contacting customers or other very important tasks);
  • solving problems that customers may face. With a CRM you can immediately make a ticket in the app; so that a colleague can resolve any situation, problem or objection as quickly as possible;

So now you know what you Need To change in your business. You’ve found the missing piece in your company’s puzzle!

A CRM System is very complex, and when you use it, you will see how fast you get results.

Not only will you have a well-organized team; but your customers will be happy with both your employees and the product or service you provide.

Beside the fact that you’ve learned what a CRM Software is and how it can help you; you have hopefully also come to understand that it’s very likely for you to need it in your company!

Therefore, we now know that a CRM Software is a system that deals with the excellent management of your company’s interaction; both with the potential customers and with the existing ones.


  1. Because it has a centralized database, which is very complex and extremely useful, including both information and the history of each client, lead or future prospect.
  1. Because you can set activities that need finishing, either by individuals or as a team, or you can even set them up for colleagues – so everyone knows exactly what to do. Moreover, there are no excuses – notifications will appear to remind you when you have a task or ticket to complete.
  1. Because it’s all handy when you’re looking for something important, such as documents and conversations saved in each customer’s profile.
  1. Because solving problems in a timely manner has never been easier. And it is all thanks to the tickets you can make directly in the app. This way, you will satisfy your customers with everything your company represents!

If you choose a software like this one, you will feel reassured even when:

  • a salesperson wants to leave from your company;
  • customers call and ask for help when they encounter certain issues related to the use of the product you offer;
  • you believe that your employees don’t follow up on customers or don’t update the data about customers and prospects;

You now know that a CRM will be an excellent support for your company. That way, you will keep your business on an upward trend!

You’ve learned what CRM is and how it can help you grow your business as much as you wish. Now all you have to do is find the right solution! 

Find out the exact solution you need, by clicking here!

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